14435520Douglas Greed & Schlepp Geist – Hub Twenty EP
Hive Audio 063


12991260Douglas Greed – Like Feathers feat. Kuss
Exploited 117


13892868Douglas Greed – Push It EP
Voltage Musique Records 074


13362190Douglas Greed – Roadkill EP
Kater Mukke 115



12085434Eating Snow – Album
Freude am Tanzen CD/LP 014


12698829Douglas Greed – Bobby
Muna Music 002


fat069_01Douglas Greed – Spark / Noisy EP
Freude am Tanzen 069


Douglas Greed Nocturnal feat. KussDouglas Greed – Absolutely I Will feat. Kuss
Voltage Musique Records 070



Douglas Greed - Driven RemixesDouglas Greed – Driven Remixes
BPitch Controll 295



Douglas Greed - Summerless

Douglas Greed – Summerless
BPitch Controll 287



Douglas Greed - Driven - AlbumDouglas Greed – Driven
Album BPitch Controll 288


BPC284_cover-kleinDouglas Greed – Fake EP
BPitch Controll 284




JoyWellboy Douglas Greed RMXJoy Wellboy – What Baby EP
Douglas Greed – Noise Remix
Douglas Greed – Bassline Remix
BPitch Controll 271


34_RecombinatedDouglas Greed – ReCombinated
Freude am Tanzen FATzig 009



35_ThomasSchuhmacherThomas Schuhmacher – Is Your Kettle On? EP
Douglas Greed Remix
Electric Ballroom 005


Douglas Greed CocoonCocoon Compilation “M”
Douglas Greed – Dynamit (feat. Kuss)
Cocoon Records 035


37_SpinDouglas Greed feat. Gjaezon – Spin / Sociopathic EP
Noir Music 047



douglas greed masked upDouglas Greed – Masked up and messed up EP
Freude am Tanzen Records 062



Douglas Greed feat. Kuss – This Time EP
BPitch Control BPC 262
38_Habischman Habischman feat. Cari Golden – Diabolic
Douglas Greed  Remix
Noir Music 042


Marian – Someone
Douglas Greed feat. Kuss Remix
Freude Am Tanzen Records 061


38_fenouFenou Bouquet Vol.2 – Dapayk Solo
Douglas Greed  – Path
Fenou 061



Remix Album ‘KRL’ Part II
Freude am Tanzen FAT-ZIG 006


Douglas Greed – When a man sings on a track
Dougie 01 EP 12″
free download here


Douglas Greed – When a man sings on a track
Gigolo Music Ltd 13 (CD) by DJ Hell
International Gigolo Records


Douglas Greed – Kumpelinterpreation
Remix Album ‘KRL’ Part I
Freude am Tanzen 055


Douglas Greed – Storytelling EP
International Gigolo GIGOLO284D



Douglas Greed – KRL Album
Freude am Tanzen 006



Douglas Greed feat. Delhia De France – Sense
Upon You Rec. UY053



Douglas Greed – Hurt & Love EP
Freude am Tanzen 051


Douglas Greed feat. Delhia De France – Backroom Deal
Freude am Tanzen Compilation FAT5ZIG



Douglas Greed – Buschhof EP
Acker Records Acker19



Douglas Greed – Origami Deathmask
Ostwind Records OWltd022



Douglas Greed – St. Eisbein EP
Freude am Tanzen Rec. 046




Douglas Greed – New innerstate – feat. Delhia De France
InFiné Records if2017



Douglas Greed – Technotrack – Funky Jazz Remix
Lebensfreude Records LF 32



Douglas Greed – Dusty Files Part Three
Lebensfreude Records Digital



Douglas Greed – Beuys don’t cry
Freude am Tanzen Rec. 041



Ron Flatter – Humbug EP
Douglas Greed – Glunsum Remix
pour la vie records 001



Douglas Greed – Dusty Files Part Two
Lebensfreude Records Digital



Douglas Greed – Dusty Files Part One
Lebensfreude Records Digital




Douglas Greed feat. Kemo –- Deadline EP
Lebensfreude Records 027



Gunne feat. Good Guy Mikesh
Douglas Greed – Bollore Remix

Lebensfreude Records 026



Douglas Greed – Remix EP
Combination Records 057



Einzelkind in bed with Douglas Greed – ICE 1665 EP
Kindisch Rec. 013



Scott – La Rentrée
Douglas Greed’s Food Poisoned Drummer Remix
Doppelschall Records 001



Klute – Only Memory Is A Good One
Douglas Greed – Property Is Theft (Remix)
Commercial Suicide 002




Aenima/ Ball Date
Combination Records 055



Marbert Rocel – Beats like Birds
Douglas Greed’s Wassermalfarben Remix

Compost Records 271-1



Sistema – Humo
Douglas Greed’s Ruf Erinnerungen Remix
Neue Laermklassiker 001



Brett Longman – Fragrance EP
Douglas Greed’s Kichererbsenmus Remix

Clic and Cut Recordings 001



Girlfriend in a coma
Freude am Tanzen Recordings 031



V.A. a compilation called Underducks
Douglas Greed – Schwarzteemagen
Combination Records CD – CORE EDITION 001




Ein E ist ein W ist ein M ist eine 3
Combination Records 045



Molloy EP
Elster Records 03



Douglas Greed – Brush
Combination Records 048



Madame C. EP
Freude am Tanzen Recordings 028



Glue EP
Combination Records 039




Lopez EP
Combination Records 029



V.A. Pizza Combinazzione
Douglas Greed – Construction Time Again
Combination Records Promotion Compilation CD